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Marshall Vandruff

Part Time Faculty
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I was born in Southern California and raised in a small private school in Anaheim, from kindergarten until I graduated high school in 1976 with a class of about thirty. Then I went to Fullerton College where I felt lost among twenty-thousand students. But it was at FC that I studied advertising illustration, met my best friends, learned enough craft to earn money as an illustrator, and in 1984 I returned to teach part-time and have stayed here ever since.

Fullerton College is the school in which I've learned the most and taught the most. It has a decades-long reputation of training professional artists and nurturing goodwill. And it is the school I claim, not only for my education here, but for the company of professional peers whom I admire and whose origins are here in the Fullerton College Art Department.

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No courses found for current or upcoming semesters