Picture of Frank Guthrie


Frank Guthrie

Full Time Faculty

An extremely creative artist with fifteen years of experience in both traditional and CGI Design, Frank is not only adaptable, self-motivated and a pro-active, but he has a unique drive for problem solving. Specializes in Concept Design for Television, Feature Films, Commercials and Video Games, from Characters, Props and Layout and Color Design. Experienced and well versed in traditional techniques and CGI - Photoshop, Maya and ZBrush, tools which he uses for everything from Concept Designs, Digital Maquettes and Animation.

DART 106 F Intermediate Maya
Jan. 29 to May. 25
5:16pm - 6:50pm

DART 120 F 3D Modeling
Jan. 29 to May. 25
4:15pm - 5:15pm

DART 153 F Introduction to Digital Sculpting with Z-Brush
Jan. 29 to May. 25
7:00pm - 8:00pm