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Cheryl Savala

Part Time Faculty
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Proud to stand alongside gifted artists, authors and filmmakers who create timeless and heartfelt stories for over 20
years, Cheryl Savala has directed, designed and illustrated key art and packaging for many of pop culture’s most beloved

The Star Wars Saga, Titanic, The Sound of Music, Planet of the Apes and The Princess Bride are just a few of the
adventurous campaigns her studio, Menagerie Creative, has embarked upon. Cheryl has a passion for mentoring creative
professionals and conducts workshops in lettering, personal branding and the visual language of emotion.

It takes an adventurous soul and brave heart to embark upon the transforming landscape of graphic design and
entertainment marketing. Today’s creative leader must embody resourcefulness, connectivity and fearlessness as they
leap into uncharted territory. Cheryl will share her 25 year journey and offer insight on navigating those first few steps.


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No courses found for current or upcoming semesters