Art Associate in Arts Degree

Art Associate in Arts Degree

Program Code: 2A03847

Curriculum leads to the Associate in Arts Degree. This degree is designed to prepare students for possible careers in the different fields of Fine Arts, including Gallery presentation, Sculpture, Painting, and Ceramics. It is also very good preparation for possible transfer to a four-year public or private Art Institute or university. This degree requires 18 units from the following:

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Demonstrate an understanding of, and show proficiency in, the fundamentals of art making with various tools and materials. Outcome 2: Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental elements in art and be able to identify a variety of medias within the context of Art History. Outcome 3: Formulate conceptual considerations as they relate to the creation of art and design. Outcome 4: Determine artistic solutions to visual design problems in multiple genres. Outcome 5: Recognize and describe excellence in art.

One Art History course:
Art History: Ancient to Medieval
Art History: Renaissance to Modern
Art History: Impressionism to Present
Art History - Mexico
Art History: The Art of Asia
One course required from:
Basic Design (3 units)
Basic Drawing
One course required from:
Three-Dimensional Design
Ceramics: Beginning Handbuilding
Fundamentals of Sculpture
Beg Jewelry Fabrication
Stained Glass
Life Sculpture
Beginning Painting Lab
And Required:
Any ART course except ART 110 F, ART 179 F, ART 187 F, ART 190 F, or ART 194 FAny ART course except ART 110 F, ART 179 F, ART 187 F, ART 190 F, or ART 194 F

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