Museum Assistant Certificate

Museum Assistant Certificate

Program Code: 2C39441

The Museum Assistant Certificate is designed to provide students with the entry-level skills for the growing global art market. This certificate is ideal for students seeking careers in art museums, galleries, or cultural centers as well as arts professionals who seek to upgrade their knowledge and improve their marketability. Students learn to prepare the walls, handle artwork safely, pack and ship artwork, hang artwork, light artwork appropriately, write and create labels and didactic materials, research and lay out an exhibition through hands-on experience. A grade of C or better is required in each course taken. This certificate requires 17-19 units.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Prepare in-depth analysis of a museum exhibition, addressing concerns of layout, flow, use of color, educational materials including didactic panels and curatorial concept. Outcome 2: Analyze, compare and contrast the theme and concept of selected exhibitions.

Required Courses:
Museum Survey
Introduction to Gallery Practices
Exhibition Production
ANTH 101 F or ANTH 101HF
ANTH 103 F or ANTH 103HF
ANTH 107 F or ANTH 107HF
ANTH 209 F
Art History: Ancient to Medieval

Art History: Renaissance to Modern or
Honors Art History: Ren to Mod

Art History: Impressionism to Present
Art History - Mexico
Art History: American Art
Art History: The Art of Asia
Art History: Pre-Columbian Art
ETHS 129 F
ETHS 153 F or ETHS 153 HF
ETHS 160 F
ETHS 170 F

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