Dual Enrollment

At Fullerton College we offer Dual Enreollment, which allow students to be enrolled in two separate, academically related institutions. Generally, it refers to high school students taking college or university courses. Less commonly, it may refer to any individual who is participating in two related programs.

Students enrolled in secondary school may be simultaneously enrolled at a local institution of higher learning, such as a community college or university.If students pass their college classes, they receive credit that may be applied toward their high school diploma and toward a college degree or certificate.Many state governments within the United States have recognized the benefit of dual enrollment and have consequently instructed their public universities to begin collaborating with local schools.

Dual enrollment-like programs come with a cost, whether paid for by the student, school district or a combination of other state funded programs. Out of the fifty states in the United States, parents of students interested in the program are primarily responsible for the tuition cost in nine of those states.