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Todd Smith

Full Time Faculty

Todd Smith studied fine art at Sonoma State University and California State University, Long Beach where he earned degrees in Printmaking and Intermedia. After graduate school Todd worked as a teaching artist for the Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles County and The Cerritos Performing Arts Center conducting visual arts workshops for elementary and secondary students. In 2005 he began teaching visual art at various colleges in the southland and was hired in 2007 to teach Printmaking at Fullerton College. Outside of the classroom Todd creates artwork at his studio in Upland and in 2014 he founded Press Works, a fine art printmaking studio, where he collaborates with other artists in printing monotype suites and limited edition prints. Todd currently has two websites devoted to his work, http://www.pressworksart.com and http://www.againstthegrainbooks.com


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ART 118 F Color Theory
Jan. 23 to May. 20
8:00am - 9:00am

ART 131 F Introduction to Printmaking
Jan. 23 to May. 20
12:46pm - 2:55pm

ART 132 F Intermediate Printmaking
Jan. 23 to May. 20
12:46pm - 2:55pm