Exhibition Calendar

Fullerton College’s reputation is tied to the quality of its art exhibitions and visiting artists. These exhibitions include the works of established artists who participate in the Fullerton College Artist-in Residence Program, the works of local emerging and mid-career artists, borrowed works of public and private collections, as well as the artworks of students attending and enrolled in Fullerton College fine art studio classes. Fullerton College owns an impressive Permanent Art Collection, which is showcased biennially; alternating exhibition years with the Faculty Exhibition. The gallery goal is to show diverse exhibitions that represent various disciplines in art and span a wide range of curatorial theme and focus.

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions:

In Spring We Are Reborn / Renaceremos en cada primavera

In Spring We Are Reborn / Renaceremos en cada primavera

Pável Acevedo is the 2024 Artist in Residence at Fullerton College*, and the subject of this solo exhibition at the Fullerton College Art Gallery. Acevedo is an artist and printmaker from Mexico who...

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