Interwoven: Ann Weber and Jason Keam
Fullerton College Art Department

Interwoven: Ann Weber and Jason Keam

October 27th, 2022 - November 28th, 2022
About the Exhibit:

Interwoven is an exhibition featuring works by renowned sculptor, Ann Weber and muralist/painter/animator, Jason Keam. Both artists are recognized for their large-scale styles of meandering shapes and colors that on the surface, impact the viewer with the enormity in scale before recognizing the intimate qualities within. The works in this exhibition take us on a journey allowing for an experience of connection that is interwoven with isolation. The beauty of abstract work is that the viewer completes the piece based on personal experiences. In this post-pandemic environment, the sense of connection is what is desired yet questioned. This exhibition will be accompanied by a lecture by each artist.

For Weber, the enormous undulating sculptures are ways to invoke a sense of community. With her studio located at Angels Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro, she reflects how the multitude and magnitude of her completed forms that inhabit her internal studio space reflects the community of artists who surround her external space. This sense of community can be felt in this gallery as we are engulfed by these giant forms. Each strip of cardboard interweaves with fellow strips of cardboard creating a colorful and solid form that when stapled together, gives it that bond we all seek as humans.

In Keam’s works, we move away from the sense of community and enter intimate spaces of travel. Letting our eyes meander through the curves in Keam’s paintings, we find entry points that are quickly interrupted with hard edges. These hard edges create barriers reminding us that we cannot control outcomes. Having experienced isolation from the pandemic, Keam recognizes that connecting with people again is tricky as we all find ourselves questioning if human contact is even safe thus feeling like we are in an environment of strangers.

Gallery Hours:
Monday – Thursday, 10:00 AM- 12:00 PM & 2:00- 4:00 PM or by appointment.
The gallery is closed for all school holidays.
Admission is always free.
Supporting Events:
Opening Reception, Thursday, October 27, 4-6pm
Ann Weber, November 2nd, 10am in Room 2115
Jason Keam, November 8th, 10am in Room 1001
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Image Gallery:
Pedro Boogie Woogie
Pedro Boogie Woogie
Pedro Boogie Woogie2019found cardboard, staples, polyurethane
Talking to Strangers: Greed
Talking to Strangers: Greed
Talking to Strangers: Greed2021acrylic on wood