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Fullerton College Art Dept Presents.

Biennial Exhibit

September 6th, 2006 - September 25th, 2006
About the Exhibit:

The Fullerton College Art Department Faculty celebrate this year’s Art Biennial by integrating a diverse and talented group of professional artists working in a wide variety of art media. These artist-educators balance a life dedicated to art, while also committing themselves to transmitting their knowledge, experience, and production techniques to future generations of artists. Each of these artists not only uniquely illustrates the diversity of the contemporary climate of the visual arts, but also reveals the varied possibilities existing within the world of art today. Together, these artists-as-educators exemplify a compelling complexity of styles, concepts and techniques generated within the Art Department of Fullerton College, providing its students not only with a foundation based on tradition and technique, blended with diligence and dedication, but inspired by an openness to explore the boundaries of individual expression through their imagination.

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